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1 be contingent upon (something that is ellided); "That depends"
2 have faith or confidence in; "you can count on me to help you any time"; "Look to your friends for support"; "You can bet on that!"; "Depend on your family in times of crisis" [syn: count, bet, look, calculate, reckon]

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  • /dɪˈpɛnd/, /dI"pEnd/
  • Rhymes: -ɛnd


  1. To hang down; to be sustained by being fastened or attached to something above.
  2. To hang in suspense; to be pending; to be undetermined or undecided; as, a cause depending in court.
  3. To rely on for support; to be conditioned or contingent; to be connected with anything, as a cause of existence, or as a necessary condition; — followed by on or upon, formerly by of.
  4. To trust; to rest with confidence; to rely; to confide; to be certain; — with on or upon; as, we depend on the word or assurance of our friends; we depend on the mail at the usual hour.
  5. To serve; to attend; to act as a dependent or retainer.


To hang down
To be pending
To rely on support
To trust
To serve

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Depend is a brand name for a type of adult-sized diapers marketed to those afflicted with urinary or fecal incontinence. It was invented by Bob Beaudrie (who is also known as "The Bear"). The Depend brand was introduced in 1980; television commercials first spotlighted the Depend brand, with actors urging adults with incontinence issues to "Get back into life!" Later, and perhaps more well-known, commercials showed actress June Allyson jumping for joy, exclaiming: "Depend: Because you've got a lot of living to do!"

Types of Depend products

Depend brand adult incontinence products are manufactured by Kimberly-Clark and come in a variety of styles.
Poise Pads are slightly thicker maxi pads for women who suffer minor urinary incontinence as well as heavy menstruation. They are worn inside the women's underwear in the middle. They come in regular and extra absorbancies.
Guards for Men are strips of absorbent material with a sticky backing that can be fastened to the inside of a man's underwear. Guards for Men protect the wearer against light urinary incontience. They are marketed to men with "drip" incontinence, generally after prostate surgery.
Underwear (previously sold as Depend Protective Underwear) resembles normal brief-style underpants. Can be pulled on and off like regular underwear, for moderate urinary incontinence.
Undergarments Absorbent pad fastened by inclusive belt, used for moderate to heavy incontinence. Refastenable Underwear resembles normal brief-style unisex underpants: can be pulled on and off like regular underwear, or taped on. Fitted Briefs Adult diapers, marketed as "fitted briefs." These have a water-proof plastic backing and a wetness indicator. Appropriate for those who suffer from moderate/heavy urinary incontinence and/or fecal incontinence Boost absorbent pads designed to complement the absorbancy of existing Depend products. These liners have no waterproof backing, and must be worn with another protective garment

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all depend, bag, bank, bank on, base, be based on, be contingent on, be dependent on, be predicated on, bottom, build, cascade, count on, daggle, dangle, depend on, drabble, drag, draggle, drape, droop, fall, flap, flop, flow, found, ground, hang, hang down, hang in suspense, hang on, hinge, hinge on, lean, lie on, lie with, lop, nod, pend, reckon on, rely on, rest, rest on, rest with, revolve on, sag, sling, stand, stand on, stay, suspend, swag, swing, trail, trust in, turn, turn on, turn upon, weep
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